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MomentumI’ve been thinking about momentum.

  • How does it get created? 
  • What is it? 
  • Does it have anything to do with the guidance of money?

These questions emerge from my own wonderings & awe around the power of forward motion toward a vision.  The stream (or trickle) of money, how it is guided, and where it eventually moves all impact my movement toward the vision(s) of where I want to be in three, five, ten, twenty years.

It is an interesting concept to twirl around. The idea of Momentum.  Energy Set in Motion.  It is a fascinating concept when mixed with Money.  Money & Momentum.  I like the ring of these two words together.  The combo of these two words feel life-giving because my life has been steeped in years of traditional business concepts/experiences, budgeting conversations, tax (& taxing!) meetings, which generally equate to a non-life giving experience.  Words like stuckness, fear, anxiety, and paralysis flood my mind too quickly.

More often than not momentum walks out the door when financial analysis increases.

But what if Money & Momentum went together, well.  What if you could be the impetus (the driving force) to guide a physical object (like money) toward the place you’d like to be in three, five, ten years?  What if momentum worked with you as you committed to movement not stagnation?DSD picture

I finished out the 2011 year reading Dream. Save. Do.  I highly recommend this e-book as a frame & tool for financial guidance.  It is about traveling.  Did I lose you, connecting travel & finances?  Let me say it again.  The book is about traveling and I highly recommend it as a financial guidance tool.  Here’s why.  It is helpful & necessary to tap into an adventurous metaphor (like traveling) to accomplish money goals.  Betsy & Warren (the authors and my inspiring friends) write about amassing cash from the perspective of their personal travel goals; however, they continually tap into the deeper and broadly applicable human desire of DREAMING.  Victor Hugo sums up the essence of their experiences:

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.”

I believe all of life is a traveling journey. So whether you are ACTUALLY packing a suitcase for a far away adventure or staying put and amassing cash for a totally different goal, it is all about focus and action in the daily walk of life (i.e., intentional momentum, step-by-step).

artistic walking sticksUse Dream. Save. Do. as your “walking stick” to anchor you when the path gets rocky.  It will be a good guide.  Also, combine your reading with an Excela Service to get support and receive a catalytic start.  Take the first step.  It’s the best place to start.

Onward as you walk into 2012~ Hillary


The Money Stream

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Hillary -Money QuestionFollow the money. 

I’ve heard this phrase many times.  Money flows in channels of personal interests, power, networks, deficits, and excess.  Its channeling brings up anxiety, longing, hope, joy, ambivalence, stuckness, and release.  Sometimes the medium of money is thought about ALL the time.  Sometimes it is never considered openly and directly.  Money is a medium that is attached to the pull and sway of energy within peoples’ lives.  I speak from personal experience as I push into creative realities that introduce the questions of whether I will guide money or control money to quell inner anxiety as I seek to take dominance over it.

The guidance of money opens me up.  Guidance expands my thinking & helps me tilt my head a little higher, shoulders back, with upward anticipation of being an agent of money’s flow.  A course of direction seems to appear readily with an open bodily stance towards money.

The controlling over money flexes me forward.  Squelches my heart cavity and tenses up my shoulders.  My eyes gaze downward mirroring and instilling my contorted bodily position.  The options seem narrow and each choice is racked with tension. 

Surprisingly, these physical reactions are generally not linked directly to a specific number or bottom line of what I have or don’t have.  Instead, my responses seem to be based on an inner experience and outward positioning, the bodily tilt that I feel between lack and abundance. 

So, when I am with clients in complex money conversations, I look for ways to instill energy for hatching new possibilities.  I watch for people to stand or sit upright, shifting away from a negative persona and position of lack, as they look more directly and intently at their options while imagining new solutions.  On the tactical, practical side, I bring nuggets from the business world about the “game of money” to understand why money works for some and not for others.  There is a bigger context to consider and like many industries, the game has its own language and its own culture.    

Yes, pay attention to your body AND your money stream; how do they relate to your tensions and your releases as you seek to look beyond the day-to-day to a vision for guiding your money stream across time?  There is movement in everybody’s money situations.  From my experience, analyzing the course of the stream, whether it’s a trickling drop or a full-stream-ahead flow, helps to carve a new path one decision at a time.

Follow the money, Yes.  But, more importantly pay attention to money streams as it relates to your bodily energy.  The conversation between the two currencies matter as you seek to be an agent of guidance. 

Questions to Ponder:

What happens in your body when you think about money? Are you aware of your physical response? Would you characterize it as more open or closed? And how does that inform your larger awareness or even actions where money is concerned?


A (3) Month, Skype Journey

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We observe and act within ouSeed - the Startr world through many senses: color, sight, taste, touch, intuition, gut-responses, fluctuations in bodily temperature, and serendipitous moments.  There are many ways to learn, to grow, and to “know” what the next step might be throughout the journey of a life.  Do you apply these senses to your money realm?  Do you track patterns, wonder about your past thoughts and your future dreams, move into the weight of anxiety and stuckness with exploration, and reflect upon how you are presently dealing with and guiding money?

If you’d like to start exploring, questioning, and tracking the details of your life in the money realms my newest Excela Service may be just the nugget for you!  The Skype Journey is a good jumping in point to hear yourself reflect verbally and in writing with me around your money details.  We will “meet” via Skype for three one-hour sessions across three consecutive months to discuss your written reflections.  I invite you to carve 180 minutes out of your life for intentionally thinking about your money journey (where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you are going).  Throughout our three month journey you might want to track something specific, budget for something amazing, or spend on somethinEnergyandMotiong incredible.  We will start wherever you are stuck and go from there.  Click on the “Book Now Button” to the right and begin your journey with energy & motion!


  • There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting. Buddha  
  •  You just have to keep on doing what you do. It’s the lesson I get from my husband; he just says, Keep going. Start by starting. Meryl Streep
  •  Stuckness shouldn’t be avoided. It’s the physic predecessor of all real understanding. Robert M. Pirsig



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800px-Energy_Arc_(central_electrode_of_a_Plasma_Lamp)It’s what I’ve been offering for a long time and now I have words to speak about it.

ENERGY.  Energy Mixed with Money.  It’s the cocktail that consistently delivers in each of my coaching, consulting, and strategy sessions with clients.

A 1.5 hour brainstorm blitz is being added to my services.  I liken it to a tequila popper or a deep ocean dive.  To get the fizzing effect of the popper or the amazing 100 feet-under-water views, focused energy aiming toward the bottom of the glass or the ocean floor is a must.  Sometimes money conversations need to occur across a longer period of time; which is why I will continue to offer Excela Three-Pack, but at other times life needs a quick infusion of brainstrorming, creativity, and strategy.

Book the Brainstorm Blitz: email imexcela@gmail.com. Enjoy 1.5 hours of pure infusiveness to help you think through money stuckness.  Come away with a written – one page summary of action steps for forward momentum and increased consciousness.

DeepDiveWhat people are saying about Excela services.

My Excela experience was incredible. Hillary’s energy, probing questions and wise feedback led me to unpack both my stressors around finances and strategies for the future, Dr.Lynne Speaker, Pastor, and International Trainer

Excela has been worth every dime. I was struck most by Hillary’s ability to see, and name my peculiar approach to tracking numbers and details. I left my time with her equipped with numerous ways to approach keeping track of two businesses. I intend to consult with her in the future as each of these continue to grow. Deb  Musician and Therapist

Working with Hillary was so refreshing! In a world where most people are trying to sell you something, Hillary’s only intent is to help you get to where you want to go financially. Not only does she have a firm grasp on financials but her insights on issues and opportunities are incredible. Andrea  A Multitude of Things


Details Matter~

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Hillary - Web - mixing it up!Details Matter. 

Details expose and highlight the larger threads, themes, patterns, and landscape of one’s life.  Whether it’s a button on a coat that totally completes the outfit, a designer belt buckle that captures your unique personality, or a fancy drink beautifully appointed in a martini glass…the details matter. 

…In outfits, drink presentation, and money-flow…a picture is created with the details.

But.  It’s so hard to dig into money details, especially alone.  To pause. To See.  To rise above the fear and to think strategically about the larger picture that is created across time.

Attend Money and Mimosas for Women to explore the dynamics of money in your life. (Lunch is provided)

Where: 200 1st Ave West, #400, Seattle, WA 98119.Directions HERE


When: Saturday April 2nd, 2011

EXTRA focus time: From 1:00 – 3:00 p.m., tack on two-hours of intense, focused organization. Hillary will provide tax organization strategies, accounting assistance, and all the office supplies you need throughout this two-hour, focused sprint.  Bring your box-0-stuff and get crackin’ while drawing on the focused energy of others.  Sign up below for Money & Mimosas PLUS.

Your Details are confidential.  But, your energy is shared~

When: Saturday April 2nd, 2011

   Our Saturday time will include mimosas, open space for guided reflection focused on YOUR relationship with money, and educational money morsels sprinkled throughout! Come hungry and motivated.  Drinks (non-alcoholic options) and LUNCH will serve up a yummy experience.                                                     


CRAVE ~ Details.

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PAGE 325

PAGE 325



Excela is on PAGE 325

Numbers Matter. 

Life Details Matter.

Numbers + Life Details = Money Matters.


PAY ATTENTION to Exclusive Offers: First 20 people to book an Excela three-pack in 2010 receive…

1) CRAVE Seattle 2) 50% off First-time Excela Three Pack.  Click HERE for deets!

Why.  Because.  20 is the first two digits of the year. 10 is the total of my page number = 10 (3+2+5). 

2010 Matters. Crazy, Meaning-Making Calculation?  Welcome to my process.   


What Andrea says about Excela’s 2010 Services!

Working with Hillary was so refreshing! In a world where most people are trying to sell you something, Hillary’s only intent is to help you get to where you want to go financially. Not only does she have a firm grasp on financials but her insights on issues and opportunities are incredible.


Money & the Elements

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Snow Day!

Let it Snow!

Today it’s snowing in Seattle. 

A few weeks ago there were some fall colors remaining before the wind blew into town.

The seasons have shifted.  The weather elements have changed.  Rain has turned to snow.  Water is now frozen crystals falling from the sky. I am craving different things – warm soup, fluffy blankets, fireside chats, and a slower pace.Snowflakes

Lately, I have wondered about ever shifting weather elements and seasons: wind, water, fire, moon cycles, and today, snow!  We are people effected by these external changes.

This year – 2010, I have heard many money stories during Excel~a consulting sessions.  Some stories speak to the hard realities of people doing their best to use an ever changing medium (money) to find some stability in the ebb and flow of life’s seasons.  Other people enjoy a wavy money ride as they feel the shifting movement of money’s flow, capturing the energy for innovative ideas and wide-open thoughts.   

I purposefully use the term, “money elements” because it beckons me into an expansive, wondering place.  The term leans into anticipated seasonal shifts and welcomes inevitable change.  From my experience, fear dissipates in expansive places. 

The anticipated seasonal shifts arrive in various ways.  Sometimes flooding occurs - when windfalls of money hit life shores from employment bonuses, booming business, and estate settlements.  Guiding a flooding force produces different realities and challenges than living with unending financial desperation.  And then there’s freezing.  When the paralyzing reality of a foreclosed house or a frozen bank account temporarily ceases external ideals of success and hope.  Other times, blue money skies are bright and paired with whirling, creative action, forging new marketplace opportunities.

All of these examples are attached to people in my mind’s eye.  The peoples’ stories remind me that money’s varying elements and seasons need to be talked about, remembered, and noticed. Otherwise, myopic vision sets in and seasonal shifts are blurry and unexplored.  SoFallTreesmetimes a frozen bank account is instilled with fluid activity.  Sometimes a business closes its doors. 

The winds of change are always blowing.

SO, as I watch the big snowflakes outside my office window, what feels important and true today is to realize that money is dynamic, it has seasons, and it does flow and shift across time. Similar to the change from vibrant color to white snow. 

As 2010 closes out, I invite you to roll with the shifts, to pause, to wonder, and to reflect across time on your many money stories.  What do they tell you? In the pause, I invite you to be counter cultural during this busy holiday time. Not to judge yourself harshly, but instead to realize you are human, malleable, and ever learning.  May seasonal shifts – however subtle or drastic -  invite you into an expansive quest to learn about the elements of money.  What are you learning?


10 Women, 10 Drinks~ Money & Mimosas

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Mimosa10 Women, 10 Drinks with a Twist of Financial Savvy!

What: 10 Mimosas with 10 Women!

When: Oct. 2nd OR Oct. 9th ~ Join for one or both

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Where: First West Building, Lower Queen Anne, 200 1st Ave WEST #400, Seattle, WA, 98119 (Directions and Parking)

Who: Excela’s Money Guide and Financial Coach, Hillary Augustine, MA, MAC


What People are Saying:

“Money and Mimosas” was a blast!  Where can woman get together to talk about the heart issues behind money, our fears, our concerns, our goals?  Hillary provided a beautiful space that felt safe enough to speak about the topic of money.  Not only was it fun with the ladies, sipping on Mimosas, but it was a great time to meet others and share in our similar experiences.  I hope to be a part of the next “Money and Mimosas!” -  Talitha, Mental Health Therapist

Money & Mimosas” was wonderful!  Hillary is a very personable speaker with an infectious personality…She’s fun to listen to and watch because one can tell that she is passionate about the subject of money.  It would be great to meet again.  The combination of education with the focus on how to create a healthy relationship with money is a great resource. – Racheal, Professional Bookkeeping Services


Waiting for What? Pay below.

Money & Mimosas – TWO Options

CreativeMeOur 2.5 hour Saturday time will include mimosas, open space for guided reflection focused on YOUR relationship with money, and educational money morsels sprinkled throughout! Come hungry and motivated.  Drinks (non-alcoholic options) and ample deliciousness will serve up a yummy experience.


Money & Mimosas

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O.K. – so Excel~a is mixing up money and bubbles for women! 

FunDrinksWhat: Money & Mimosas

Limiting Spots to the first 10 women – $15.00

When: Saturday May 29th from 10:00 – 12:00 p.m.

Where: First West Building, Lower Queen Anne, 200 1st Ave WEST #400, Seattle, WA, 98119 (Directions and Parking)

Money conversations do not have to be hard, boring, anxiety provoking, and isolating.  Join Hillary and 10 women for a 2-hour, Saturday gathering.  Our time will include mimosas, open space for guided reflection focused on YOUR relationship with money, and educational money morsels sprinkled throughout! Education will include: history of the credit card, ideas/philosophies of debt, and financial goals as we think toward the future.

Come hungry and motivated.  Drinks (non-alcoholic options included), fruit, pastries, yogurt, cheese, bread, and granola will be served to add to this enriching experience. 

Be 1 of 10 women – Sign up TODAY!  

May 29th, 10:00 – 12:00 p.m.


Pay yourself forward: Increase financial awareness.

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